Salisbury Run or Dye and the best photo bomb ever!

Today I did the Run or Dye Color race in Salisbury, MD.  I was part of the Crayola Cronies crew of runners. This was the first race I’ve ever done in a tutu. I’ve always wanted to run in a tutu, just not for a long distance so I thought todays 5K would be a perfect time to do it. Plus, the team came up with this awesome outfit to incorporate the tutu so it was a win – win for me! The parking was pretty good at the Perdue stadium. We got there early to get our packets and left to get coffee and still got back in time to get a good spot. We didn’t get color packets with our t-shirts because they had run out, which was a bummer. This race also didn’t seem to have as many dye stations as previous runs I have done. The race course was out and back and very crowded, and also didn’t seem quite long enough, but my watch wasn’t tracking distance though it seemed we got done really quickly. The after party was fun though, and if you didn’t get covered during the race, there were certainly chances to get more color after the run. Here is my morning in pictures, and last but not least the best photo bomb ever!

Here we are all nice and clean, minus our friend Melissa. She was sick and couldn’t make it and we all really missed her being there.

The obligatory matching sock photo! Notice my flames on my shoes.

Here we are at the finish all nice and colored.

My friends that got really dyed after the run!

The CC crew selfie!

We also witnessed a proposal after the race. It was really cute, and I teared up.

If this does not make you LOL, I don’t know what will. This is truly the best photo bomb I’ve ever had. We didn’t know this woman, but her face is awesome. I was looking through all the pictures I had taken today, and there were a couple other photo bombs in my photos. This photo takes the cake though.
Congrats to all those who did their first 5K or color run. I had a ton of fun today and I hope everyone else did too, it was a great day!

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One Response to Salisbury Run or Dye and the best photo bomb ever!

  1. Jeanine says:

    it was my first 5k although i walked it. I really enjoyed myself. being a cancer survivor there is so much more i want to do. LIFE LIFE TO THE FULLEST

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