Advances in running

Last night I advanced my running technique like I never have before. I met up with several friends, and learned how to make my first tutu! How does this advance my running technique you might ask? My answer is, “Have you ever made a tutu?” There is a lot of teamwork required to make these fancy, fluffy wonderful little running costume necessities, especially when there are 10 people on your running team. Thankfully a couple of my running friends came up with the most awesome outfit I will ever race in. Don’t forget I have run as a sparkly skirted zombie in the past, but this will far surpass that. Our team has creative minded ladies who all pitched in with ideas, procurement, meeting coordination and healthy snacks to keep us a going while the tulle and ribbon was flying! Team building at its best.

This weekend some friends and I will be doing the local Run or Dye race. This will be my third color race. A little bit of history… I first heard about The Color Run back in 2012. Most of my friends were training for the Marine Corps Marathon and I spent that summer trying more minimal running shoes, and recovering from my marathon injury and not running lots of miles. So a fun color run seemed like a great idea for a “race”. My husband and I made a trip to Richmond for the weekend and I ran my first color run with about 8000 other people. When I arrived at the race having only seen the video on the race website I was way under dressed. I was dressed in all white, but no fun socks, or wigs or anything else a color run begs for. I also got up front and wanted to see how fast I could go. In short, I missed the point of the color run, because they don’t time color runs. How fast you can finish a distance isn’t always the point of the run, and I learned a lot that day. I also learned that I should have covered up my ears because I was scrubbing green corn starch out of my ears for what seemed like a week!

In 2013 I went with a group of friends to the Va Beach Color Me Rad. This time around I had my kids and husband with me for the run. My lovely pre-teen daughter was very distraught that I had signed her up to “run”. She is very adamant that running is not her thing, and she hates it. Which I can accept, however she also didn’t understand that getting colors pelted at you for three miles is huge fun! I think she was worried that I was going to bolt off and leave her to be out there by herself. This was the first race I walked the entire distance to help her feel more comfortable. I really wanted her to have a good time, and I was very dismayed that she was probably the only person out there who was completely miserable. Again, I learned a lot that day, but I hope she did too.

I hope for this weeks “race” that we join everyone at the event and have the most fun we can possibly have, and possibly be the most styling group there. I have learned something from every race I have done, no matter the distance or reason for the race. There are a lot of facets to running. Sure there are long slow distance runs, tempo runs, fartleks, splits, training plans and sometimes I get really bored with those things. I do love running, with a passion, but I love all facets of it. I like short races where you run as hard as you can. I like longer distances where you test your endurance. I like running with friends, I like running by myself in complete solitude on an early morning. So this weekend I am looking forward to running my first race in a tutu! I will feel so pretty!

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  1. leerunsdistances says:

    You’ll definitely need to get some pics 🙂

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