Run for the Animals 2014

For as bad as last year with regards to running, this year is taking the cake! Today I ran in the 3rd annual Run for the Animals 10k & half-marathon. The weather was gorgeous, low 40’s and not much wind, perfect running weather. I ran the 10K race with my friends Beth and Emily, and my friends Becky and Joy ran the half-marathon. This race was a lot of fun. It was a very small race, but it was only a 45 minute drive from my house and all the proceeds went to support the local SPCA. This was the first time I’ve run this race and it won’t be the last. My friend Beth has run the 10K the past two years, and I was really in love with the trophies that she got each year. This race has the coolest trophies of any race I’ve ever been in. They are made by a local metalsmith. I love running. I would love running even if I never got a trophy. A large percentage of the races I run I know there is no way I’m going to place. On the local scene though, I have a chance. Though I wouldn’t have it any other way, I knew that Beth was going to give me a run for my money. She was first female last year after all.

After a short meeting to give us the race details we moved over to the start and without much fuss we were off. I wasn’t sure what to expect from myself in terms of finish time. I’m not really sure what kind of shape I’m in, which may sound odd, but my training has been a little off this winter due to injury recovery and a lot of bad weather. I haven’t been willing to do any speed work or hard running except on race days, because I don’t want to push my ankle during training and get another injury. My previous 10K races times were 50 minutes, but I didn’t think I’d be in shape to do that though I didn’t rule it out. Even though I run with a gps watch to record my pace and distance I try to run by how I feel, and I check periodically to see if my pace is dropping and try to pick it up or sometimes slow down if I’m going to fast at the start. My goals today were to try and keep up with Beth, and also possibly try and get an awesome trophy.

This 10K was an out and back course, and I was surprised that there were some little hills in the beginning. I almost missed the 5K turn around because I was drafting behind a woman who was doing the half-marathon. I was in the zone coasting behind her, enjoying the fact that she was taking the brunt of the wind only to realize we were at the water stop and I had to go a different way so ended up running a little past the turn around. By this time Beth was enlarging the gap between us and I was starting to get tired. Around the mile 4-5 area I lost sight of Beth and this meant I didn’t have anyone to follow since she was the first female and I wasn’t sure I would not end up getting lost. Mile 5 was my slowest. Lucky for me the race course was well marked with arrows and little paws on the road and balloons and a sign at each turn. When I turned around after mile 5 to see if anyone was close behind me I was startled to see another woman really close on my heels. Running with headphones leaves me in ignorant bliss to a point but I can’t hear who is near me. At this point I knew I was second female, and I was pretty intent on keeping it that way so I at least had a chance at some kind of trophy, even though I was never able to keep up with Beth. Knowing someone was so close made me really push hard that last mile. I was running with my headphones so I really had no idea how close she really was until Beth sent me a text later in the day with this picture. Beth took these at the finish line. Wow…


Today I feel like I really earned my 1st age group spot. I really expected the woman behind me to kick it in and pass me so I was trying to give everything I had at the end. The end of the race was brutal. I mean I ran out of energy back at mile 5. There was a down hill part, but also a little up hill right before you cross the line. There was a finish kick sprayed on the road and at that point I thought my legs were going to fall off and my lungs might explode, I laughed to myself and thought “yeah right” but I knew I was almost there and it would be worth it. Today I was the one patting the woman behind me on the back telling her it was a great race. The guy doing the timing told us right away that I was first in age group and the woman behind me was second. The woman that came in behind us was third. Way to go 30-39 year old ladies! We killed the 10K today. haha

I was also really happy that I could hang out with some new running friends I’ve met this winter through my friend Becky. Joy and Emily each ran their first races today and I think they are both now hooked! I look forward to many more training runs and races with them!


This was also the first race that I’ve run with my friend Beth. We were top two females in the 10K and I don’t see how that could be any more awesome.


Today was the first race this year that landed on a “Mommy” weekend and my girls were with me. Lucky for me there were also cute dogs everywhere, and they had a great time.


I’m so thankful for a great day of racing. The race was very well organized and small, which is always fun and the trophy’s are awesome. We also got a nice wine glass at the finish and a Brooks tech shirt and a finishers medal. Couldn’t have been a better day of fun running in the sunshine, surrounded by friends and family. If you have the chance to check out the Run for the Animals in Onancock, VA it will be held next year the first week of April. I can’t wait. It’s a good thing my husband was there today too, because I’m sure I would have come home with a little dog. I fell in love with a little girl that has been at the SPCA over a year. If you need some furry love, go check out your local shelter. I may have to go back and visit sometime, there are a lot of sweet animals there that need homes. Thanks to the race directors, fundraisers and runners for doing so much to support our local animals in need!

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  1. leerunsdistances says:

    Wokhoo congrats on the age group achievement!!! And for a really great cause to boot! 🙂

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